Monday, December 29, 2008


I've been taking a bit easier the past few days as I have been waking up to some nasty back spasms. They are actually occurring on the opposite side of my back from where I have/had my injury.

Yesterday I practiced IntuFlow Intermediate only.

This morning, again with IntuFlow Intermediate as well as starting to practice the Tumbleweed Prasara Flow. I have two things working against me right now. (1) Yoga first thing in the morning when your body is tight is not an easy thing to do. (2) Not having a lot of space to work in also makes Prasara, known for its fluid transitions, somewhat difficult to perform.

Being new to this, I focused mostly on the individual postures. I now have a new respect for Sleeping Warrior pose after watching Scott Sonnon explain the counterpoints to the movement. It's not a restful position at all, even though it appears to someone else that you might be sleeping! Plow is difficult for me this early in the morning with all of my current back tightness.

It's a start. I feel good. I'm glad I woke up early to practice this. I may opt for some bodyweight movements tomorrow depending on how my back feels, otherwise it'll be the bells. That's it. Off to work now. Only day in the office this week! =)


Coach Steer said...

Hey Howie,

Great to see you experimenting with Tumbleweed. It is a great flow.

I hear you on doing Prasara Yoga first thing in the morning. It is amazing how much more "viscous" you are at that time.

You might want to try some FlowFit first to loosen things up (3-5 rounds). Then you can do a bunch of Spinal Rocks to Plow, but just going to the tip of the end of your ROM to slowly open things up. Follow that up with a quick Intu-Flow session straight down the middle (neck, spinal segments, pelvis, hips) - and I think you will notice a huge difference in what you can do with your Prasara.

The whole "warm-up" shouldn't take more that 10 minutes total.


Howie Brewer said...

Hey thanks for the tips Adam!

I may give it a go tomorrow morning. I picked up a copy of your Bodyweight Revolution, so I'll use that as my guide along with the FlowFit vids you sent around a while back.

Thanks for the help and thanks for stopping by.

Happy Holidays to you!!

hunashaman said...

Hey yoga guy. Good to see you are getting into the Prasara thing. Scott and the other coaches make it look so beautifully easy and flowing but I've got miles to go before I look anything like a beached whale struggling to flap back into the ocean. Let's keep at it and compare notes next December.

hunashaman said...

Oops, I meant anything other than a beached whale - damn, that's not the look I'm trying to go for.