Sunday, April 12, 2009

Scott Sonnon's Ageless Mobility - My Review

Yesterday I was pleased to receive Scott Sonnon's Ageless Mobility DVD in the mail. I had read a few reviews on the DVD and from what I could gather, Ageless Mobility would take one deeper into the Intu-Flow world as well as introduce one to stationary yoga work, as opposed to the flowing Prasara that Scott is so famous for.

I own a copy of the Prasara "A" Flows DVD along with the book and although I would love to explore it more than I already have, I do not have a lot of room to work in which I find makes the Prasara choppy, as I am always forced to re-position myself throughout the flows. When I read about the stationary focus of Ageless Mobility I got excited.

Heading over to the RMAX online store, I was pleased to find this DVD priced at $25. The program consists of a single follow-along program that lasts about 1 hour and 20 minutes. There are also two bonus warmups included on the DVD that I have not watched yet. One is a golf-specific warmup, the other a tennis-specific warmup.

For those of you who are already a Scott fan, the bulk of the material will be familiar to you. Particularly if you have practiced Intu-Flow, Prasara or the Kettlebell Foundation Compensatory Movements. That being said, this is an excellent stand-alone product.

Whereas Intu-Flow moves you through each joint with about 5 reps or so, and Kettlebell Foundation has you focus about 20 seconds on each posture, Ageless Mobility spends much more time wringing out each joint and posture to its fullest. At one point in the program Scott describes a movement as "wringing it out as if it were a wet washcloth". Let me tell you, when I completed this program, my entire body felt as if it were wrung out and hung up to dry!

I loved this program. It was a fine combination of pain and pleasure. Luckily, one has the ability to make this as easy or as difficult as one desires. Scott dutifully instructs you not to go above a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the worst possible pain you can imagine). I easily brought the intensity up to a 5 when I wanted to and backed off when I needed to.

There is definitely some new material in here that I hadn't seen before. The standing spinal twists were a killer for me. I was so appreciative when we reached corpse pose! The beauty of this program is that as you become more familiar with the material, you can start to pick and choose those movements or postures that you need whenever or wherever you might need it - during or after a workout, in the office, at home, anywhere. They are always with you. And given this information you are able to modulate the intensity, range of motion and complexity of your movements to suit your need.

Given the low price of this DVD it is a steal! I only wish that I had known what it offered months ago. If you work your body hard on a regular basis or if your body needs to be wrung out every once and a while, this is the program for you. I plan to practice this program on the weekends when I recuperate from my daily kettlebell work. I will continue to practice Intu-Flow in the mornings and cool down from my kettlebell work with the Compensatory Movements, but Ageless Mobility will become my "special weekend workout". Once again, Scott Sonnon is becoming a regular in my home. Stay for dinner tonight, Scott? =)


hunashaman said...

Nice review Howie. I was hoping to hear positive reviews of AM. Now I'm sure to get it ASAP.

Howie Brewer said...

Woke up this morning hurtin' as if I were lifting yesterday. My glutes and quads sore. Lower and upper back tight. Really great workout. Just what the doctor ordered!