Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tapping Reserves

Today turned out to be a "Low Energy Day". Maybe it's because I'm a bit under weather, getting a cold and cough after being surrounded by sick people in the office. Given that, I had to dig down deep to get through what shouldn't have been too tough a session. This was it...

Jerk: 2 x 20kg - 5 minutes @ 6 rpm

Snatch: 20kg - 4 minutes @ 16 rpm

One Arm Jerk: 32kg - 3L/3R

I had in my head the idea of going for 5 minutes with the Jerk. As minute 4 was coming to an end I a little voice in my head said, "that's good enough, you don't need to continue this suffering". And I was almost ready to put the bells down, but I decided to dig down deep and grit out another minute.

I notice as I start to tire that when in the rack, my elbows start to slide outward away from my body. Maybe I need to start wetting my shirt. Or maybe I just continue on without and learn to tough through it.

After my Snatch set, I was dead. I attempted a few OAJs with the "cherry" but had nothing left, so I settled for 3 reps per side.

That's it and that's enough for today!!

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