Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Early Bird is Back at It!

Woke up a 5am today, eager to start getting back to some 'serious' training.

Warmed up first with some Spinal Rocks, then onto

Getups: 16kg - 5min alternating sides each rep

Then onto today's challenge...

Jerk: 2 x 16kg - 4 minutes @ 6 rpm

Snatch: 16kg - 6 minutes @ 12 rpm

The longest I've done for Jerks with 16kg has been 5 minutes. I'm still pretty tight making it hard to get comfortable in the rack. Once this opens up, I should be ready to cruise. The Snatches felt pretty good. This was the longest set I've done in a while. No problems with the hands at all. I'm excited to finally be able to start making some real progress!

Tomorrow I start the Fitness Protocol using the 20kg bell. My plan is to alternate these two workouts. The 16kg will continue upward until I can hit 10 minute sets on Jerk and Snatch, while the 20kg Fitness work will help start to build my strength. Once I hit my target with the 16kg, then I move the 20kg into its place and start the Fitness Protocol with the 24kg. It's a grand experiment and one I'm excited to start. That's it for today. Jerk 'em up y'all!

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hunashaman said...

...and he seems to have caught a pretty big worm as well. Good work today buddy. Six minutes on the snatches after a few weeks of relative inactivity is good going. Hope things keep going smoothly from now on.