Thursday, March 12, 2009

Recovery Day & BIG Announcement

I woke up to some REALLY sore traps this morning. Aside from that though, I'm feeling pretty good.

Today was planned recovery with Intu-Flow Beginner routine and the Kettlebell Foundation Compensatory Movements.

Tomorrow I'll be working the 16kg bell again.

On another note, I thought it was time that I make a public announcement letting all my fans know that come on or about August 7th, I will a daddy once more! And it has now been confirmed, that my son Anthony is going to have himself a little sister!

That's it for today... =)

1 comment:

hunashaman said...

YESSS! Now that you've made it public I might as well publicly congratulate you. Better get the shotgun ready for the boyfriends. Then again I'm sure all the training will allow you to take them on without the aid of weapons.