Tuesday, March 24, 2009

20kg Work with 28kg Assists

A good session today. Decreased my rest time to 90 seconds between sets. And threw in some heavier assistance work at the end. Here's the play by play...

1-Arm Jerk: 20kg - 2 minutes @ 16 rpm

Snatch: 20kg - 2 minutes @ 16 rpm

1-Arm Long Cycle: 20kg - 2 minutes @ 10 rpm

1-Arm Jerk: 28kg - 8L/8R

Swing: 28kg - 5L/5R

Cooled down with some yoga.

A relatively short workout, but one that has left me feeling GREAT!


Franklin said...

Great steady progress Howie and staying out of pain as well .. nice combo!

Howie Brewer said...

Thanks Franklin. Let's just say, no more pain. I walk around these days with a constant ache in my lower back, but it doesn't interfere with my training or any other activities. Hopefully one day it will just disappear. In the meantime, I'm working it and keeping a close eye that it doesn't get any worse.