Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kettlebell Fitness Protocol - Level 1 - 24kg

I've now officially completed a strict Level 1 of the Fitness Protocol with the 24kg.

It's nice to know that the other morning's workout wasn't a fluke... =)

Here's today...

Swing: 16kg - 10/10

1-Arm Jerk: 24kg - 2 minutes @ 16 rpm

Snatch: 24kg - 2 minutes @ 16 rpm

1-Arm Long Cycle: 24kg - 2 minutes @ 9 rpm

The only BIG difference between today and Wednesday was that I rested only 2 minutes in between each exercise. On Wed, it was probably almost double that. I need to get my Long Cycle moving just a bit faster as 10 rpm is my target. I feel pretty good after the Jerk set, but the Snatch set is sill winding me. Maybe as I improve there, the following Long Cycle set won't be as tough. Only time will tell. Jerk 'em up y'all!


RXM said...

How do I get information on the details of the "fitness protocol"? I'd be very interested in purchasing the book/workbook.

Howie Brewer said...

Hi RXM, the AKC hasn't yet published the Fitness Protocol, although it's supposed to be out this year.

The protocol itself is relatively simple. And if you've followed my blog you can probably pick it up for yourself. Regardless, what's more important is having someone discuss and validate how your training is progressing and if your form and technique is correct.

I am now offering Distance Training. You can find it offered on my Kettlebells NY website under Services. I have also included a link here on the blog in case you are interested.

RXM said...

Thanks for the information. Just discovered your blog yesterday and plan on reading through your past postings to get a better sense of the protocol.

Seems like you've progressed quite well!

hunashaman said...

Nice work with the 24kg buddy. Did it induce any DOMS?

Howie Brewer said...

Thanks RMS, it's all about consistency. I continue to struggle with a back issue which I feel has been keeping my progress at a slow pace. But I can't complain.

Johan, what jumped out at me today was some soreness in my calves. Delts and traps are a bit tight but not too bad. Back has its usually soreness. Everything else feels good!