Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day, 12/25 - Take Your Kettlebell For A Walk

I guess I've been a good boy this past year because Santa brought me some cool new toys to play with this year.

Under the tree this morning I found:

(1) Pavel's Relax Into Stretch book
(2) Gymboss Interval Timer
(3) 32kg Kettlebell

oh yeah and (4) a LOT of Lindt chocolate(!)

Very cool!

I can also say that I've messed around with all of them already. A few 2-handed swings with the 32kg felt surprisingly easy. I was expecting much worse. I am looking forward to using it tomorrow for my Swings Day.

To keep things moving today, and since it was pretty warm outside with a lot of the snow and ice melted, I took my 16kg out for a walk. At the suggestion of Taikei, I walked with the kb in the overhead position up and down the block just a bit. Only two house lengths which I'm estimating to be about 90 feet or so in each direction (the 40 foot ranch is a common house on this block each with driveway).

I walked one way with the kb overhead on the left side, turned around, switched arms and walked back. Did this 3 times. I could definitely feel bones moving around a bit in the shoulder blade area, but no problems. I'll wait till the morning to see if there are any after effects. But this too I thought was pretty easy. Next time I'll try it with the 24kg bell.

So a good day!! Hope you all had yourselves a Merry Christmas!

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Sara said...

oh yes, gotta love the walks! It's nice to feel the mid-section stabilizing ;) Enjoy RIS...it's good one.