Monday, December 31, 2007

Mon, New Years Eve SNATCHES

DAMN! That pretty much sums up today's session. I smoked myself this morning working on my Snatches. Following last week's first RKC Test-Style session, where I was able to perform 30 consecutive snatches with the 24kg, and also enjoying a tapering week since then, I came out of the gate today hungry to start bringing my training up to a new level.

With the helpful suggestions of my kb brethren (thank you all for your support and encouragement, you know who you are), I increased the volume of my snatches today. Last week after performing my set of 30 I called it a day. Not today. But first, let's start at the beginning....

2-Hand Swings: 16kg - 20, 24kg - 10, 32kg - 10

Windmills: 16kg - 5/5m 24kg - 3/3

Snatches: 24kg - 17/17

Man, I haven't hit this kind of intensity since training on the Ergs in college. Lungs burning, giving it everything you got. And that was all in the first set! It was tough! The following sets were all easy compared to the first. I liked tapering down because it allowed me to feel strong again in those later sets, without over stressing the respiratory system. I do know one thing for sure, I am going to be feeling this tomorrow. Great way to start the New Year! Have a Happy New Year everyone!!


Aaron Friday said...

Great work, Howie. That is gutsy work. I never got more than 15/15 until very recently.

One suggestion: You might want to separate your volume days from your long-set days in the future.

A single long set is painful, but the volume is pretty low. I can do one of these on the day before or after a deadlift session without repercussions, provided I stop right there.

A near-max effort followed by more work, however, would probably require two full days off afterward.

It's worth doing, of course, but there's a price.

Howie Brewer said...

Thanks for the advice. My traps were pretty sore and tight this morning. Shoulders seems to hold up well. I did some easy stretching and some Z work earlier (and more later) to help keep things from getting too tight.

I'm still trying to find the right mix of things. Maybe alternate every other week between long sets and volume on my Mon Snatches. Wed was going to introduce the Gymboss for interval Swings with 24kg. And thinking Fri would be 32kg Swings for low rep strength sets.

I think I'll be experimenting for a bit. As long as I continue to see continual improvement I'll be happy.