Friday, December 14, 2007

Fri, 12/14 - High Pulls

Friday's has become my High Pulls Day (at least for now). Monday has turned into Snatches Day and Wednesday has become Swings Day. When I finally did get around to the High Pulls today, the first couple of sets were rough, particularly on the left side, as my hands were hurtin' big time today. It was hard getting a good grip on the bell, but I finally seemed to settle in on a comfortable position (or maybe my hands just went numb) around the third set or so.

Here's this morning's practice...

2-Hand Swings: 16kg - 30, 24kg - 20

Clean & Press: 16kg - 5/5

Windmills: 16kg - 5/5, 24kg - 1/1 for 3 sets

High Pulls: 24kg - 5/5 for 8 sets

It's likely I'll take the weekend off from training. At least that's what my brain is saying right now. I guess I'll have to wait and see how I'm feeling tomorrow. I do like having the day before and the day after Snatches off. So tomorrow is my last chance to get something else in for the week. Later!


Taikei Matsushita said...

What got into high pull?
If it is a single high pull, make sure your elbow goes behind the ear.
Actually this is an exaggerated version of high pull, but assures your shoulder is packed and connected to your body.
If elbow doesn't travel backwards, your shoulder is unstable.

This is just a part of snatch progression.

Howie Brewer said...

Started high pulls a few weeks ago. When first attempted to snatch the 24kg, it felt sooo heavy. I thought these would be good transition movement and have proved to be. So for now I will do them once a week. I am trying to follow the ETK DVD, so pull is up about head level, elbow back and I try to lean into it.

I've seen others do these where kb goes above head and arm is almost straight. I guess another variation, but I like how these feel.