Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back At It

Back in the groove this morning. I strang (that's a word right? string, strang, strung?), anyway, I strang together a few different movements this morning which turned out to be a relatively easy session. I guess that's a good sign, huh? Just about time to reduce my rest interval.

Here's what this morning looked like...

Bottom Up Clean: 8kg - 3 min (L24/R24)

Half Snatch: 12kg - 3 min (15/15)

Long Cycle Press: 12kg - 3 min (12/12)

Ran through this circuit 2x. The hardest part was toward the end of the Bottom Up Cleans. Those last few seconds/reps were getting difficult but I was able to hang in and keep my form perfect.

I'm finding the hardest adjustment for me is still coordinating my breathing. If I don't pay attention I go back to my old habits of inhaling on the downswing rather than exhaling. I suppose this will just take some more time. That's it for today, swing 'em high y'all!

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