Tuesday, June 24, 2008

R-Phase, Recuperation and Guilt

Today was my planned rest day. Funny that after yesterday morning's session, I felt really good. I mean really good. Last week was the first 'heavier' day that I threw into the mix and I REALLY felt it. I remember feeling tightness all around my rib cage following the session and I believe I passed out early that evening. But yesterday was another story. No ill effects even though I did increase the intensity a bit.

So throughout the day, know that today was to be a rest day, I was overcome with some guilt and a feeling that I should not rest today, that I should train again and not take the day off. I suppose this is a good thing because I am hungry to grab that bell again. It is weird how it struck me though. So early on and so strongly. I suppose I'll just have to chalk it up to training smartly these days. When the time comes when I don't want to pick up a bell, then I guess I'll be in a state of over-training. But for now, I'm feeling GOOD!

So today consisted of a Full Body Training Session (FBTS) of Z-Health R-Phase. Ran through it from head to toe.

Now I guess I just chill out. Until tomorrow!

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hunashaman said...

I feel your pain Howie! Forcing yourself not to grab the bells is sometimes tougher than actually swinging them. I also share your experience of really wanting to train on this protocol. When I followed my previous program I often got to stages where I simply couldn't motivate myself to train.