Thursday, June 12, 2008

My First 6 Minute Set!

OK, this is probably no big deal for a lot of people who read this blog of mine, but accomplishing this in good standing represents the start of more good things to come.

Knowing that my time was limited this morning, I mentally prepared to complete a single 6 minute set today. This is twice the length of the sets I have currently been training with.

I chose the 1-Arm Long Cycle (Jerk) as my movement for the extended set.

Used the 12kg pro-grade bell (16kg is on order).

Got my clock with the big second hand set up in front of me.

Set my Gymboss interval timer for 3 minute intervals.

Started my Gymboss when the second hand of my clock hit 9.

Waited till the second hand hit the 12 and then began on my left side.

I was able to maintain a nice, steady pace of 10 reps per minute throughout.

My Gymboss let me know when I had 15 seconds remaining on my left side. (I was afraid I'd zone out and not remember if I was in my second or third minute, so having the Gymboss counting down in parallel helped ease my brain.)

At the 3-minute mark I switched hands and continued on the right side.

At minute 6, I smiled, put down the bell and said, "YEAH!"


hunashaman said...

Great work Howie! There's definitely something to be said for just keeping that bell moving.

Aaron Friday said...

Awesome job, Howie.

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

Three minutes per arm and one hand switch is nasty .. great work!!