Monday, June 30, 2008

Three Day Recap

It's been a busy weekend and I hadn't had a chance to update my journal here, so let me fill y'all in on what's been going on.

On Saturday, I held my 2nd kettlebell class outside in a local public park. Two members showed up and we went through the basics of kettlebell lifting. We reviewed swings, cleans and presses.

One attendee brought along her DD 14lb bell which she said she wanted to work toward being able to press it. At her gym, her trainer only has her performing dumbbell presses with 8lb dumbbells. Well, with a bit of coaching she was able to press that baby a few times in each arm right off the bat! I was so proud!! =)

Mixed into the class we also did some joint mobility work, some stretching and some qigong breathing exercises. We were lucky to have a beautiful morning to workout in and it was the start to a good weekend.

Now Saturday, mind you, was supposed to be my rest day. But after giving that class and all the demonstrating that went along with it, I decided to rest up on Sunday instead. So yesterday was nothing (except 2 sets of swings to loosen me up).

Today was my scheduled 'heavier' day. Here's the play by play...

Warmup: Z-Health R-Phase - Lumbar and Thoracic

16kg - 2 min (16L/16R)
24kg - 2 min (16L/16R)
32kg - 1 min (3L/3R)

2x 16kg - 10
2x 24kg - 10

16kg - 10/10
24kg - 10/10

I was very happy with how much easier the 24kg jerks felt. But first time attempting to jerk the 32kg, wow, what a difference. But hey, gotta have something to work toward, right?

That's it for today. Tomorrow is scheduled rest day, Z is on the docket. Jerk 'em high y'all!


Aaron Friday said...

Nice! Great job jerking those big ones. 9 minutes of snatching ain't bad either.

Howie Brewer said...

Thanks Buddy. See, I haven't lost all too much working with the lighter bells.

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

Very impressive work! Nice to see the decent carry over as demonstrated by your handling of the big boys with no problem.

In fact, you are positive proof that whatever deficits the AKC/WKC may have in terms of marketing and organizational skills, their new Fitness program is outstanding and may have a chance of reaching a wider audience than their GS oriented material.

Howie Brewer said...

Thanks Franklin. It was nice to see how 'easy' the 24kg's felt yesterday. I wasn't expecting to hit that pace, but I just went with it knowing it was only for 2 minutes. I am still at the low end of the ladder with this program, I can't imagine how I'll feel once I hit level 20 and then move up to the 16kg. Pretty cool.