Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bottoms Up!

It was a Bottoms Up kinda morning today. Woke up yesterday, feeling really good but as the day progressed I could feel my throat getting scratchy and my sinuses getting that 'burnt' kinda feeling. My 2-year old has had a stuffy nose as of late, I guess it finally got hold of me as well.

So was feeling a bit achy and congested this morning, but thought it best to still move through an easier workout.

Warmed up with Z-Health R-Phase Neutral & Lengthening, Pelvis and Hips.

1-Arm Long Cycle Bottom Up Push Press: 8kg - 3 min (15L/15R)

1-Arm Bottom Up Press: 8kg - 3 min (18L/18R)

1-Arm Bottom Up Clean: 12kg - 3 min (24L/24R)

I'll admit the weight was light, but keeping it in the bottom up position for 1-1/2 minutes each hand was tough. That was it for today. I'm sure my forearms are happy for that. Gonna take some Claritin and hope for the best now. Jerk 'em up y'all!


hunashaman said...

LOL - this cold thing is an absolute pest. Mine is still just under the surface and nearly got out fully yesterday. This has been going on for about two weeks. What seems to work for me is megadoses of vitamin C combined with something like Claritin. Nice work Howie. I bet your grip is gonna remember this session when you start ripping phone books to shreds.

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

BUCleans are quite taxing .. I find BUPresses easier. I also think they are much more difficult with the AKC larger style bells. Nice session!

Howie Brewer said...

Franklin, where have you been hiding?!?!!! Thanks man. You been busy? How are things coming along? How's the knee doing?