Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Short & Sweet

Man, oh man... yesterday's session sure made an impression on me. I was feeling it all day and come evening, I was in bed early. Moving a bit slower than usual today, I did drag myself out of bed and squeezed in a short session. Here it is...

Warmup: Z-Health Lengthening, Ankles & Knees, Swing: 12kg - 10/10

Clean: 12kg - 3 minutes (24L/24R)

Half Snatch: 12kg - 3 minutes (15L/15R)

Long Cycle Push Press: 12kg - 3 minutes (15L/15R)

Only went through the circuit once with only a minute rest in between.

Finished off with a few stretches.

Nice and quick, now I'm off to work!


hunashaman said...

Nice work Howie. I'm amazed at your ability to get yourself out of bed in time for training every morning, especially after yesterday. I only ever train after work - I think I might kill myself while trying to train half asleep.

Franz Snideman said...

Quick workouts are often much better than long high volume workouts. In fact, I always feel better with short blasts rather than long high volume training sessions!

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

Its clear you've found a training groove thats working well for you.

And I'm with you Franz. Since reworking my training to shorter sessions I also have more energy and my results have improved considerably. If I feel the need for more volume I will do another short session later in the day if its not too late.

Howie Brewer said...

I agree Franz. I'm now on the verge of hitting 5 consecutive days of training. And at the same time have decreased my rest times this week.

I may do just that tomorrow Franklin, pull a double. My own workout in the morning and then may be heading to a park after work with some coworkers to run them through a workout. Split training!