Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Dreaded Snatch-Snatch-Snatch Day

Both my son and I were awfully congested during the night. Turned out he was in and out of our bed for most of it. During those wee hours I kept thinking to myself, "there's no way you're getting up to workout in the morning". When the alarm finally did go off, I hit the snooze button, thinking, "you really should sleep in and get your rest". But then another voice spoke up and said, "but then again, you always do feel better on those days that you put in even a small workout". Finally around 6:45am, not being able to breathe well lying there, I hoisted myself up and started moving.

I wanted to make today my one-movement day, where I pick a single movement and run it through the circuit. My greatest fear was the all-Snatch day. So I sat there debating with myself, "last week we made it an all-Long Cycle week, maybe we should make today an all-Jerk day". But something inside me said "step up and do the Snatches!" So I decided to face my fear and go for it. I first through in a Franz Shubert cd, to get the classical tunes going and this is what followed...

Snatch: 12kg - 3 minutes (24L/24R)

Snatch: 12kg - 3 minutes (24L/24R)

Snatch: 12kg - 3 minutes (24L/24R)

In between each set I took a 1 minute break. Therefore it comes down to 144 snatches in 11 minutes time. So now I can say two things, "I did it!" and "I'm done for the day!!"


hunashaman said...

Good for you Howie! I'm starting to develop a suspicion that this way of training is a good way of keeping full blown colds at bay to some extent. Maybe it produces just the right amount of stimulation to the immune system rather than totally overwhelming it.

Howie Brewer said...

I sure am hoping so Johan. My sinuses are my Achilles heal. Once they get out of control, I'm done for.

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

Yuddaman .. great job!

High volume snatching once a week is good not only for simulating an android like work capacity but good for the spirit as well.

As for timing rests, its a critical part of S&C training. In place of the AKC snatch workout you performed I have been doing the VO2 Max 16kg Snatch protocol. I'm using a heavier bell but my work to rest ratio is much smaller 1:1 vs the massive 6:1 you are doing.

Howie Brewer said...

Thanks Franklin. Same time, you are working heavier than I. It'll feel real nice when I transition this training up to a 16kg.