Wednesday, November 26, 2008

First Session with (Mini) Clubbells

I woke up this morning to happily be in one piece.  I'm sure you'd agree that we all feel happy when awakening this way.  In my case, it was especially nice considering yesterday's workout.  I was afraid that it might have been too intense, but with only a few muscular twinges during the day I was half way expecting not to be unpleasantly surprised.  Of course, after sitting in the car for over 2 hours on my commute home (Thanksgiving traffic started early) my back and legs were a bit tighter than usual as I prepared to end the day.

Rather than push things, I decided (as planned) to explore some more with the 5lb mini clubbells that I got when I ordered my Intu-Flow package.  Included with Intu-Flow was the Xtension DVD which demonstrates a few movements intended for one to utilize the mini clubbells as an extension of one's body while getting into the "flow".

Of the movements covered, I left out the first one, the Front Swipe, as it is too similar to the kettlebell swing, and my intent for using these clubbells is to provide my body with something different from kettlebell movements.  

I did practice the following:  Side Swipe, Hammer Swing, Split Swipe, Alternating Mill and Alternating Back Stroke.  

I was amazed at how heavy these little clubbells feel.  They are definitely a different animal from kettlebells.  I'm sure after a little practice they will become more comfortable.  I do need to practice now in front of a mirror.  Today's session was me watching on my laptop, then practicing on the rug in my living room.

One thing that jumped out at me was how my left shoulder pulled up when performing the Alternating Mill.  My right side stayed packed down as it should without any thought.  But my left shoulder was another story.  Not until I consciously focused on keeping it down did it stay down.  Something for me to focus on.

I also like the Hammer Swing.  It requires A LOT of thoracic mobility which will help me develop my rack.  This will be a good one for direct kettlebell assistance.  

The Side Swipe and Alternating Mills should provide a good amount of cross-body movement which I am looking for to help balance my movement patterns and strengthen my core.  

Before starting all of this, I also held one of the clubbells horizontally with one hand on each end and had it mimic a medicine ball.  I warmed up with a few Big Circles and Standing Russian Twists.

That's it for today.  I hope to squeeze in some bells tomorrow before filling my belly with Turkey.  Tomorrow's goal is to drop back down to a 6 minute Snatch set, increasing the rpm's to 16.  Jerk 'em up y'all!

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