Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Morning Quarterback

Well, I just might have overdone it a bit on Saturday.  Following my workout, I could tell that my back was not overly happy about things.  There was a bit of throbbing going on throughout the remainder of the day.  I had planned to help ease things with some Aleve, but for whatever reason, never did.

I then expected the worst on Sunday (yesterday), but was surprised that I felt as well as I did.  I decided to lay low and stay away from anything metal that had a handle.  This even counted for frying pans.  There was a bit of stretching occurring throughout the day, but not even much of that.

I received an email from Lorna Kleidman, who is an International Master of Sport, residing just south of my in NYC.  We have exchanged a few emails regarding my condition and she suggested I pick up a stability ball and work my core in some movements outside the sagittal plane, which is where all the kettlebell work is done.

Needless to say, one is now on order.  In addition, I decided to make this morning something of an easy, experiment/learning morning.  I started watching Scott Sonnon's Xtension DVD once again which is a mini-clubbell course.  There are a few movements within that specifically work in the lateral dimensions, specifically what I might need. 

I also picked up my 6 lb squishy ball and performed a few medicine ball movements including "Big Circles" and "Standing Russian Twists".  In the seated position I also used both the 12kg and 8kg bell to perform "Seated Russian Twists" - with these I placed the bell down on the floor for each rep rather than make it one continuous motion.

Hopefully, these types of movements will help me once and for all get over this last hump and get me strong again.  I know it is still going to take a while.  I'm continuing to try to be patient...

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hunashaman said...

Wow the body is a weird instrument. Every day you seem to be learning more. Keep it going Howie. We are getting older and hopefully wiser through all these trials and tribulations.