Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Killed It!

My workout that is.  I may be a Dexter fan.  And I might be sad that there are only 3 episodes left this season.  But the only thing I am killing these days are my workouts.

Giving myself two days off and allowing my back to rest up, I was planning all day yesterday on how to ratchet up today's session.  I had decided for sure to increase my Snatch set to 8 minutes.  I also knew that I wanted to start out with a Jerk set, but wasn't sure how long to make it, particularly since I was planning on Snatching right after.

Well, I decided to stick with a 4 minute Jerk set, which I had gotten through in a prior session, and if I felt good I would extend it depending on my form and comfort level.  (These have a way of putting a stretch right into the injured part of my back.  Good or bad, I'm not sure.)  So anyway, this is what it looked like...

Swing:  12kg - 10/10,  16kg - 10/10

Jerk:  2 x 12kg - 6 minutes @ 6 rpm - total of 36 reps

Snatch:  12kg - 8 minutes @ 14 rpm - total of 112 reps

Cooldown consisted of some hip flexor stretches and some Kettlebell Foundation Compensatory Movements.

I was very happy with how the Jerks felt.  I absolutely need to work on my flexibility and need some pointers on my form.  When the set was over my delts were fried.  I think it's a combination of my rack as well as actual jerk technique.  For now I will continue to work it as best as I can.  But when the AKC Coaches' Cert comes to NY, look out!  That's it for today, Jerk 'em up y'all!

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hunashaman said...

Glad to see Dexter is rubbing off on you in positive ways. Just be sure to always get rid of the evidence properly and don't befriend cops that used to be special forces operators. Excellent work today buddy - you really did kill it - dead!