Thursday, November 6, 2008

Light Snatches

Those Get Ups the other day really made an impact on my back.  I'm not in a lot of pain, but have a raised level of discomfort than prior.  I was almost going to make this morning a low intensity day with only Kettlebell Foundation Compensatory movements, but a little voice in my head told me to push through even with the lightest set of Snatches.  So this was today's light workout...

Swing:  8kg - 10/10

Snatch:  8kg - 6 minutes (36L/36R)

Cooldown consisted of some foam roller work to the hips and quads followed by the following selection of the Kettlebell Foundation Compensatory movements:
Neck Roll
Sleeping Warrior
Downward Dog
Seal Walk
Kneeling Side Bend
Forward Fold
Shoulder Bridge
Wind Removing
Spinal Twist
Seated Shinbox
Cossack Knee Switch

On a side note, since incurring this back injury, I had continued to eat as if I were still training 5 days a week and put on about 5 lbs.  In the last week with my recent uptick of (light) workout sessions I have made an effort to clean up my eating a bit and have dropped just over a pound in the last 10 days, along with 1/2% of bodyfat (according to my Tanita innerscale).  [It also told me that I have the metabolism of a 21 year old which is sweet of it given that I turn 40 in January.]  As for cleaning up my eating, I honestly haven't done too much.  I've skipped a few bagels on some mornings (probably my biggest downfall), kept away from some (but not all) of the Halloween candy that has been floating around and lastly tried not to go back for seconds (or thirds) during dinner.  So just a little bit of will power and immediate results.  Nice to know this stuff works!  =)


Franklin said...

Howie, nice to see you have turned the corner and can get some solid training in. Keep slowing increasing the volume and intensity and you do well.

hunashaman said...

Howie, light is a relative term. I know some strong people who won't shift an 8kg bell for 6 minutes. I think the tide is turning for you buddy.

Howie Brewer said...

Thanks guys, it's a REALLY good feeling even doing this much. It's been a LOOOOOOONG time now.