Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kettlebell "Class"

Me and three of my friends and coworkers squeezed in a kettlebell workout today on our lunch hour. The session was a mix of instruction and workout. Before each movement, I reviewed the proper form with everyone and after a few practice reps/sets we moved it to a timed set. Here's what my workout looked like...

Warmed up with some joint mobility.

Swing: 12 kg - 5/5

Clean: 12kg - 4 minutes

Push Press: 12kg - 3 minutes

Snatch: 12kg - 2 minutes

LC Squat: 12kg - 5/5

Hot Potato: 12kg - didn't count

Windmill: 12kg - didn't count

Cooled down with plow, seal walk, tripod, seated twist, rabbit to camel and forward fold.

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