Thursday, April 17, 2008

AKC Fitness Certification

I've registered to attend the American Kettlebell Club's Fitness Certification being held here in NY on May 24th. Being held over the course of one day, right here in my own backyard, was an opportunity I thought I shouldn't pass up. I am only a bit familiar with the AKC methods and this being fitness-oriented rather than girevoy sport-oriented, it had a greater appeal to jump in feet first and learn some more about kettlebells. So it should be cool.

I'm still registered and planning to attend the RKC Cert in August, being held at UCLA. And all of my current training is focused on being strong for the event. With that, I received some advice from Lauren Brooks, RKC to go back to swinging the 32kg for reps to help activate the hips more while de-emphasizing the knees. So that's what today's session consisted of...

2-Hand Swings: 32kg - 20, 30, 30, 20, 25 (total of 125 swings)

Last night was I got home from work I had a package waiting for me. Franklin Herman and I agreed to swap kettlebell DVD's. He was to lend me his Mike Mahler DVD and I was to lend him my Brett Jones DVD. Well, to my joy of joys not only did Franklin send the Mahler DVD over, but also included a surprise - the Steve Cotter Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting DVD! I felt like it was Christmas. Thank you Franklin!! This is going to be a great weekend!

OK, time to rest up and get to work. Swing 'em high y'all!


Katie, KettlebellKate said...

Howie, You now have HOURS of kettlebell viewing pleasure and learnin'. You can do like me and not train, just watch as the snatch numbers add up;)

Taikei Matsushita said...

If by any chance you see an AKC/RKC guy named John Buckley (a guy 6 feet 6 inches tall you shouldn't miss it if he's there), please tell Taikei said hi. If he's with a Japanese lady tell her hi too.

I'm hoping to have business with these people.

Howie Brewer said...

So Katie, that's the secret huh? Don't train and your numbers will go up. Cool!! Not a lot of time to watch videos these days. (Nor reply to blog posts either!!)

Taikei I will keep my eyes peeled for the tall gentleman and say hello for sure if he's in attendance. Along with his lady friend as well.