Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wanted: Professional Counter

Today was the day I decided to see how I was coming along with my RKC Snatch Test numbers. I realize that this might have been a little hasty, since I have not been training Snatches heavily since probably about January. And the little Snatches that I have been doing have been with the 16kg and the 20kg.

But, with the help of friends, I have motivated myself enough over the past few days to get outside and see how I fared with the 24kg.

But first let's back up just a bit. Since my last post, Thursday morning, I did grease the groove a bit Thursday evening with 2 sets of 5/5 Snatches with the 24kg. Yesterday, I did a few sets during the day of 5/5 with the 16kg. I have been focusing on the descent of the Snatch, using more of a corkscrew release along with better hinging and follow-through of my torso at the bottom.

Not to be outdone by the Ladies of RKC, I also tested myself with a 32kg Getup last night. Using my right (dominant) arm, I performed one Getup just for fun. And it was easier than I expected. Up until now I had only practiced my Getups with the 24kg. I guess it's time to bump it up a bit!

OK, back to today... I have captured my workout on video again. You'll first see me perform a 32kg Getup with my left arm. This is the first time I have ever attempted this. I hope you enjoy, it's history in the making. =)

Next you'll see me perform what I thought was 40 consecutive Snatches with the 24kg!! Only after watching the video, I miscounted and only performed 39!!!!!!!! I so could have completed one more rep!!! I need a professional counter!

Let me just say, this is an awesome feeling. I have had this mental fear within me for the longest time that the RKC Snatch Test was going to be my downfall. Last time I tested myself, I gassed out at 34. Then all the troubles with my forearms sprung up - so I stopped Snatching all together. This is awesome! Now I can relax and start having fun with the bells again. I have definitely put too much pressure on myself in recent weeks.

Having accomplished this today, is great. Particularly, since I haven't been training the Snatch!! They might not be all pretty, but they were regulation. It's amazing how everything else just carries into one another. This is going to be an amazing adventure. RKC lookout!


Franklin B. Herman said...

Rock the house!! Fantastic!! Awesome, baby, awesome!!

Dude you are almost there .. you're abusing that 24kg now! Now you know you can continue to train safely and EASILY make your RKC cert snatch numbers.

The 32kg TGU lefty looked very easy too, you definitely have reps there!

Heavy swings ..
Heavy swings ..
Bring on some more ..
Heavy swings!

In retrospect, Lauren's suggestion to perform heavy swings was brilliant and you performed some serious volume with that 2 pooder.

Great job bro!

Howie Brewer said...

Thank you Franklin. I really like the sound of that "Abusing the 24kg". Sweet!

Aaron Friday said...

The counting won't matter because you're going to do way more than that.

How does that head position feel?

Aaron Friday said...

If you're strong enough to do this safely with the 24kg, it should help your long-set stamina:

* Breathe out on the downswing
* Breathe in on the upswing and punch

Relax, and stay in your "happy place."

If you don't feel strong enough, either disregard or snatch with the 32 until the 24 feels much lighter.

Howie Brewer said...

Aaron, head position feels fine. Although I'm still getting used to it.

I'll give the breathing a try intially on some shorter sets. Not sure how often I'll work these now. Gotta find my happy place. Am excited to throw up the 32kg sometime soon.

Taikei Matsushita said...

Left side snatch(up swing).
If it helps a bit, squeeze your opposite (right) glutes tighter than you normally do.

Your right side seems fine to me.

Just a little area of improvement.

You speak Japanese?

Gabi said...

That snatch test is gonna be a breeze for you :)))

Howie Brewer said...

Taikei, thanks for picking this up. I'll rewatch my video. I do notice that my left forearm is more sore than the right. I suppose it is all connected, huh? I'll try to keep this in mind during my next practice.

Howie Brewer said...

Thanks Gabi. This is such a good feeling!! Like I have just emerged from a thick forest and can see the world around me again.