Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Moving Forward, Lightly

Today's session was another simple one. Work on some Snatches (and wait to see how the shoulder and forearms feel afterward).

Getup: 24kg - 3/3

1-Hand Swing: 20kg - 10/10

Snatch: 16kg - 20/20*, 8/8

* I was able to perform 20 consecutively on the Right side, but made the decision to put the bell down after number 17 on the Left side to wipe the sweat off as I was afraid I was going to send the thing flying with another rep. And I was sooo close to getting that 20 was well.

My intent today was to Snatch a bit more with the 20kg. I actually started to but my hands screamed at me to stop. Didn't do more than 3 on the left side. Opted to go lighter today. This might have to be the tactic until they build up some more endurance.

That's it and that's all. Tomorrow is 'rest' day. I'll probably throw in some Resilient movements tomorrow to keep loose and of course continue the regular stretching. Gotta go!

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Franklin B. Herman said...

I sounds like you are going to have to build the volume a little slower. Perhaps after a few warm-ups with the 16 (maybe something like 8/8), go right to the 20 or 24 and do a 4/4 set. Rest 2 minutes and repeat until your form starts to degenerate or you get sore.

I think some post soreness is standard until building up the ligament and tendon strength .. it just take a long time.