Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday, Brett Jones Prep Workout #3

A bit overcast and chilly today, nothing like yesterday's taste of Spring. So I opted to stay indoors today, but was intent on keeping the same "open" feeling that I had yesterday.

None the worse for wear today, so I opted to use 20kg bells for the start of today's session. I then mixed things up a bit to accommodate my first third-day-in-a-row workout. Forearms were just a bit sore this morning, so as you'll see I adjusted things a bit when it came to Presses. Here's today's session...

Brett Jones RKC Cert Prep Workout #3

Clean & Front Squat: Double 20kg - 10
1-Hand Swings: 20kg - 10/10
Clean & Front Squat: Double 20kg - 10
Palm Press: 12kg - 10/10
Clean & Front Squat: Double 20kg - 10
Getups: 20kg - 3/3
Clean & Front Squat: Double 20kg - 10
Snatch: 20kg - 5/5
Clean & Front Squat: Double 20kg - 10

Once through today. As you see I dropped the weight on the Presses and performed Palm Presses to give the forearms a bit of a break today.

Again, the Snatches felt really good. I made sure that I did not skimp on my motion at the bottom of the swing. Kept a straight arm on the downswing, rotated the hand and really tried to drive the bell back through my legs. This is a much bigger movement than what I have been doing up until now. As I get stronger and better conditioned, maybe I'll tighten it up, but for now, I'm sticking with this.

Rest of today will consist of some stretching and maybe some foam roller work. Tomorrow is a rest day. Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!


Take One Pole said...

Ok ... once again I am impressed my friend. Sounds like you are putting some serious work in!

Gabi said...


I'm quite sure you'll love this program, and you'll have great results! There are so many variables it never gets boring, but constant enough to assure progress.
Good work, keep it up :)