Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Playing with Kettlebells

Today turned out to be not too hardcore of a workout, but more of a play-workout. I was in the mood to try out some new things, so the session won't appear to be too intense, although at times it did feel that way. So I re-used my tape from Sunday and got going...

Getup: 24kg - 1/1; 32kg - didn't want to budge
I think attempting these with the 32kg first thing in the morning ain't happening right now

1-Arm Jerk - 1st Half of Movement: 24kg - 5/5
Practiced the beginning motion as per Steve Cotter's Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting DVD, this is where you perform the Jerk to where the bell only raises to about eye level

1-Arm Clean & Jerk: 24kg - 5/5

Bottom-Up Clean: 12kg - 1L/2R
Playing with these, but the tape on my hands made it tough to get a good grip

2-Hand Swing: 32kg - 30

Clean & Press: 24kg - 4L/2R
Weird, shoulders had no strength, then again, it's been a while since I've performed these in any regular fashion

Lastly, cooled down with some Shoulder Rotator with the 12kg. And that was it!


On another note, a very good friend who was kind enough to design some logos for me (for Kettlebells NY) dropped them off last night for me to review. He gave me a selection of about 9 to look at. They are ALL AWESOME!! It's going to be hard to pick one. I might have to pick a few!! I'll post them once I get electronic copies and of course I'll have to use at least one on my www.KettlebellsNY.com website. So cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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