Monday, April 14, 2008

Brett Jones RKC Cert Prep #1 (Again, Sorta)

After receiving very good feedback on my Snatch technique over the weekend, I decided to place my focus largely on 2-Handed Swings today. I intended to focus on increased hip action, with less leg action, meaning I tried not to bend my knees too much.

I was a bit tired this morning and my forearms were surprising a bit sore. I suppose carrying a 2-year old around doesn't give my forearms as much of a rest as I would like. So this morning's session was rather brief, but good.

2-Hand Swing: 24kg - 20
Palm Press: 16kg - 5/5
2-Hand Swing: 24kg - 15
Getups: 24kg - 3/3
2-Hand Swing: 24kg - 15
Snatch: 16kg - 5/5
2-Hand Swing: 24kg - 15

As a cool down, I performed a Double Overhead Hold with 2x12kg for 30 sec, rested in Rack Position for 30 sec while performing the Russian Karate Twist, before another 30 sec round of Overhead Holds. Lastly 2 times through each arm with the RKC Shoulder Rotator with an 8kg bell.

I could see and feel the difference during my Swings as I tried not to use the legs to drive too much of the motion. This will be something to get used to. Same time I tried to focus on feeling the bell get weightless in the bottom position before restarting my swing. I did feel a little flopping back there a few times, but then really tried to reconnect with the bell to minimize that.

Same with the few Snatches that I did today. Tried not to squat so much at the bottom position. In doing this, I'm finding that the bell is then forced to stay very close to you at the bottom position. Boys best protect the jewels!

So all in all, a good session. Looking forward to trying out on more Snatches tomorrow. Have a great day all!


Aaron Friday said...

It's all about the ass. Move your ass back, then snap it forward. Knees are not part of the equation. If you "get" this thing, you'll blow past your old PRs.

Howie Brewer said...

Thanks man. I'm working on it now. I want to perfect that ass move. Then when I walk down the block, people will stop and wave and shout, "Hey Ass Man!"