Friday, April 4, 2008

Brett Jones RKC Cert Prep #1

Woke up yesterday morning and noticed my forearms were a bit more sore than usual. (Funny how one gets used to pain.) Therefore I will need to either maintain or reduce the same volume of my 16kg Snatches next week. Since I'll be doing some small Snatch work in the Brett Jones sessions, I might be able to give the same volume another try and see if I've adapted during the rest of the week.

I woke up late today, so rushed through the BJ#1 circuit one time with a single 16kg bell.

BJ#1: single 16kg

1-Hand Swings: 12/12
Clean & Military Press: 8/8
1-Hand Swings: 12/12
Clean & Front Squat: 8/8
1-Hand Swings: 12/12
Getups: 4/4
1-Hand Swings: 12/12
Snatches: 8/8
1-Hand Swings: 12/12

On the Clean & Presses, I just Cleaned once and then performed all of my presses from the rack. I didn't want to tax the forearms too much. Similarly, with the Clean & Front Squat, single clean followed by multiple squats.

I have discovered two things as of late...

(1) Pressing from my centerline, straight up out of the rack position, does not cause me forearm pain. As soon as I rotate out, any little bit, to more resemble a typical dumbbell press, the forearms make it known that they do not like it.

(2) Every so often, and probably more often than I realize, during my Snatches, I will not go completely into the hole, but will decelerate the bell a little short and at the same time, bend at the elbow to put on those 'brakes'. I noticed this today. (And I was not pleased with myself at all.) Never realized it. And it's not every rep. This will be a major focus for me. When this occurred it was very stark at how different that position looked versus the bottom position of my swing. Looked like two different animals.

I am now running late and so I gotta bolt. TGIF!!


Franklin B. Herman said...

Very smart of you to monitor changes in form that effect your forearms .. I now do the same thing with my elbows. I also do exactly the same thing as you with my snatches when I get tired .. and I now can guarantee that I will be sore the next day.

Also, real smart idea with keeping the cleans to a minimum.

Mark Reifkind said...

man you are making great progress howie! most importantly, you are figuring out exactly what YOU need to train progressively and make progress despite the little bumps in the road that we ALL experience. power to you man! you are going to be really ready for the cert. keep it up!

Howie Brewer said...

Franklin, take a look at my workout today. Being outside seemed to help my Snatch form. It is beautiful outside!

Thanks Rif. I am determined to keep moving forward but have to be smart about it. RKC means a lot to me and I need to be fully prepared. Thanks for the encouragement!