Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Recovery

I decided that I would play today by ear, whether or not it would be a workout day or not. Woke up and my forearms were super sore (DOS) and tight. So decided to get up somewhat early and loosen things up a bit.

Didn't do too much. RKC Shoulder Rotator with an 8kg bell. RKC Arm Bar with 12kg. Brought out my thumper to work the forearm muscles a bit. Here's a great pic of the forearm muscles that I am dealing with...

You can check out the site, point to each individual muscle and it will tell you it's name.
From what I can tell it appears my soreness with the Brachioradialis and Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus. And although stretching seems to help, I'm finding it's a very difficult muscle to get a good stretch into (too bad the elbow doesn't bend 360 degrees, huh?).
And as I type, I also have an ice pack alternating between arms. Woe is me...
OK, another great development in my Snatch practice over the past few days was the introduction of Mike Mahler's described corkscrew descent from the top position. Until I have been pretty much throwing the kb straight down from the top. After watching Mike's DVD, he shows how to turn the wrist at the top just as you start your descent.
This technique has made a tremendous difference in my hands. Last week, I couldn't do Snatches two days in a row because on the second day my hands screamed "No!!!!". This technique really helps save my hands and appears it will allow me to increase my numbers. I didn't even think about my hands while at Steve Freides' workshop, one day after my Personal RKC Snatch Test. It wasn't until afterward did I think, 'Hey, my hands were OK!!". Another great feeling of development and accomplishment.
Well that's about it for today. Tomorrow I start increasing the total volume of my Snatch sessions. Have a great day everyone.

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Franklin B. Herman said...

Indeed, 20 consecutive snatches each arm without any hand issues is great! Very happy to hear the MM technique helped.

I just finished my second go through of the 1st Brett Jones DVD and I must say it gets better each viewing. In particular, Michael Castrogiovanni has absolutely impeccable snatch form. I was able to slo-mo through his snatch focusing on the descent of the bell (my problem area) and the way he catches the bell with his hips is amazing. He does it pure hard-style no turn but then again a 24kg bell is too light for him.

Thanks for the swap!!