Thursday, July 3, 2008

Another (Small) Step Forward

After some weeks now of following the AKC Fitness Protocol, I eased into the next level of training where I perform 4 minutes of work for each movement. I started out at 2 minutes per movement, performed that until I was could handle to work load with only a 30 second rest in between, then increased the working sets to 3 minutes each. And now about 6 weeks (?) later, I've promoted myself to 4 minute sets.

I'm still using the 12kg bell for all my work. Once I can perform all of the designated movements for 4 minutes a piece will I then graduate up to the 16kg bell at which time I'll start all over!

Here's what today looked like...

Clean: 12kg - 4 minutes (32L/32R)

Half Snatch: 12kg - 4 minutes (20L/20R)

Long Cycle Push Press: 12kg - 4 minutes (20L/20R)

Swing: 16kg - 20/20

I am going to start adding at least one set of Swings at the end as a finisher to my work. Now that my time through three movements is getting longer, it will be more difficult for me to go through twice in the morning. Therefore, I'll have to supplement with Swings. (I also only like to perform each routine once through when I change one of my variables, just to make sure I don't inadvertently overdo it.)

Have a great Independence Day everyone!!


hunashaman said...

OK! So I go away for a few days at the ocean and while I'm not watching you decide to switch gears. That's some good work Howie! I was so lazy at the ocean and only trained twice - unless you include the hectic wading through the beach sand. Glad to see you making progress bud. You do realize that I'm now going to have to do something with the 32kg bells - I just don't know what yet but I'm sure it will hurt like hell.

Howie Brewer said...

Welcome back Johan! Hope you had a great time away!

Not to worry, no shifting gears here. Just continuing to chug forward. Baby steps. Those 32kg's were nasty. I am going to play a bit more with the 24kg's before going back to them.

Take One Stripper Pole said...

Howie ... you rock! Thank you so much for the information! Hope you have a wonderful 4th! :)