Sunday, July 27, 2008

Home Again!

Back home again. I was very pleased that this was the first vacation I ever went on where I did not pack any socks! And I never missed them!!

Today I decided to move up a level in my training. Using the 16kg still, I have now reduced my rest intervals to 90 seconds each. Here's today's session...

Warm up with some 16kg Swings.

Jerk: 16kg - 2 minutes (16L/16R)

Snatch: 16kg - 2 minutes (16L/16R)

Long Cycle: 16kg - 2 minutes (10L/10R)

Swing: 16kg - 20L/20R

Cool down consisted of stretching. Till tomorrow....!


hunashaman said...

I hope the water heater situation is sorted out. Nice session and particularly impressive that you are maintaining the rpm's even though you dropped the rest time.

Howie Brewer said...

Waiting on the repair man as we speak.

I'm practicing Sonnon's RESET in between my sets. It's a long process getting these techniques down (at least for me). Overall I think they're helping even though I have so much farther to go.