Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rest Day!

I slept a bit later today (till 5:30am!) and upon awakening worked through the Z-Health R-Phase program with a small sprinkling of I-Phase mixed in. I have yet to continue reviewing I-Phase. Maybe next week while on vacation?! =)

When done, I then did a bit of light stretching which is something I have been neglecting for a long time now. I always feel better when my flexibility is in a good place. Does this mean I need to start waking up even earlier!?!??

I was definitely tight in my hamstrings, torso and back. Could be somewhat attributable to the introduction of the 16kg bell-work this week. Nonetheless, stretching is a goooooood thing! I'm going to try to squeeze this in some more too. Maybe I should just become a full time trainer, eh??

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Mike T Nelson said...

Have fun with the Z Health I Phase! It is a blast, but much harder than it appears when done correctly!

Glad you got some well earned time off.

rock on
Mike N