Monday, July 14, 2008

Rainy Monday Morning Kettlebells

I REALLY need to set up a video camera in my bedroom. It's not what you think... ;) This is happening way too often now. Last night I specifically made sure that the alarm was set and that the volume was turned up for this morning. Earlier I woke up on my own at 5:40am. The alarm had been set for 5:00. As I looked at the clock, the alarm was turned off. I must be sleep shutting off during the night. This is crazy. I know my solution is to move the alarm away from the bed, but somehow that seems like self-induced torture. Oh well, I still got in my workout this morning.

I took yesterday off as I could really feel the impact of switching over to the 16kg. And bad me, I didn't drop back on my time. Neither today. I kept on with the 4 minute sets but slowed my pace. And I am proud to say that I was not chasing reps. I found a nice tempo that would allow me to get through the 4 minutes and tried to keep that pace. Here's what today looked like...

Warmup: Z-Health R-Phase - thoracic, shoulders and neck

1-Arm Jerk: 16kg - 4 minutes (20L/20R)

Snatch: 16kg - 4 minutes (16L/16R)

1-Arm Long Cycle: 16kg - 4 minutes (12L/12R)

I will have to wait to see how I feel tomorrow. I may drop back down to the 2 minute sets if this proves to be too big a jump for me at this point. Only time will tell. Jerk 'em high y'all.


hunashaman said...

Nice Howie! I'm glad to see you are slowing on the pace. Although not strictly keeping to the AKC protocol I don't think maintaining the 4 minute sets is a bad idea. You'll be up to your usual pace before you know it.

Howie Brewer said...

As I said, I may drop the time. But with Steve Cotter's cert coming up soon, I don't want to go too easy on myself right now. But then again, I will of course listen if my body tells me different.