Monday, July 28, 2008

Last Day Home

Being the wise person that I am, I extended my vacation days to include today, that way I wouldn't have to return to work on a Monday. You gotta ease back into the work week, you know?

So while I now wait for the plumber to arrive to replace my hot water heater, I squeezed in a workout session.

Warmed up with some 16kg Swings.

1-Arm Bottom Up Cleans: 16kg - 2 minutes (12L/14R)

Snatch: 16kg - 2 minutes (16L/16R)

Jerk: 16kg - 2 minutes (16L/16R)

I wasn't feeling the Bottom Up Cleans today. Oh well... but my Snatches were feeling pretty good as were my Jerks, although I was breathing pretty heavy toward the end of them.

1 comment:

hunashaman said...

Great work on those bottom up cleans. Good luck with the plumbing situation.