Saturday, July 5, 2008

Another Z-Rest Day

Today was a scheduled rest day (again?!?!). Actually, today I won't complain. I can definitely feel the after effects of yesterday's now-extended "CinciNasty". To begin resting I went through the Z-Health R-Phase program from head to toe. Also began to practice some of the I-Phase movements.

Today's I-Phase practice included:

* Lunge Positions - there are about 30 in total, if you count all of the combinations between both legs - I practiced just some of the basic ones. If you've every studied a traditional martial art, these will come rather easily. Unless of course you've also been injured in one of your martial arts, then maybe not so much.

* Neck Positions - these are almost identical as the R-Phase except you perform them in a lunge position with your trunk rotated which increases the range of motion and forces you to keep your shoulders down. Not a bad progression from R-Phase. Then again, with my bad neck, I like most neck exercises.

* Shoulder Positions - a new rotational exercise which I like as well as a series of Figure-8 movements which just seemed 'ok'. Shoulder work is important to me as well since I've had injuries to both shoulders (along with my neck)

That's it for today! Now I shall eat!!


Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

Great work with Z .. the dividend is HUGE!

Howie Brewer said...

Thanks Franklin. I need to catch up on your training. I saw briefly that you're back to snatching the 24kg. You know what they say if you fall off that horse!