Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Recovery Day: Z-Health I-Phase thoughts

Today was my rest and recovery day.

I worked through Z-Health I-Phase for neck, shoulders, elbows, thoracic, lumbar and pelvis. Followed up with a little stretching.

I'm still not comfortable with I-Phase. Not just because the movements are more difficult than in R-Phase. We've essentially taken all of R-Phase and added the complexity of performing them with the body in various lunge positions. Granted I still need to give this program more time. But personally, I'm feeling that R-Phase might have been enough for me. I do still need to work through more of the movements in I-Phase and there are a few variations contained within it that I like, for example the lumbar circles while in lunge stance, but what I am currently envisioning is that I will most likely continue to use the R-Phase program the majority of the time and sprinkle in a few favorite I-Phase variations as I feel necessary. I guess that's not a bad thing, huh?


hunashaman said...

I don't think it's a bad thing at all. If there is one thing I have learnt the hard way during my training history it is to listen to your body and not to the experts. I have suffered enough injuries pursuing movements and methods advocated by some expert while ignoring what my body was telling me all along. Just keep moving in ways that keep you feeling good my friend. Enjoy!

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

There are a great many folks who never go beyond R-Phase and are achieving great results with it.

I've found I usually do 85% of R-Phase and then add or substitute a few NWU2 specifically the shoulder and elbow circles. I also like to do the lumbar circles in the lateral lunge positions.