Tuesday, May 27, 2008


"CinciNasty". This is the name given to the progression through the Jerk, Snatch and Long Cycle (Jerk) by the AKC in their Fitness Protocol.

I ran through the CinciNasty today using the 12kg bell while reducing my rest periods between sets to a mere 30 seconds. 30 seconds is NOT a very long time when you want to catch your breath. I can see that I've been very accommodating to myself in the past when I took as long as I wanted between sets. When you're resting on the clock as well as working on the clock it's a whole other story.

I warmed up with a set of swings. Didn't count them. Then moved on to the CinciNasty...



Long Cycle (Jerk)

Worked through 1 minute each hand with a 30 sec rest in between. Then repeated the circuit. I may work through another two sessions at this intensity, mixing it up a bit before moving to the next level where I then start to increase the length of my working sets. We'll have to wait and see. That's it for today!

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Franklin B. Herman said...

Considering how strong and fit you already are, its now clear why the lighter bells were chosen to work through the Fitness protocol first without progressing to a heavier bell. Again great work!!