Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

As we take this day to honor those who have been killed serving and protecting our country, let us all do our part to keep this country strong. And the first step is to keep ourselves strong - both physically and mentally.

I continued on today with the AKC Fitness Protocol. Working each exercise for timed sets. Pacing yourself while continuously exerting force is as much a mental exercise as it is physical. Of course, my routine now is using a light bell (12kg) but my sets will get longer while my rest time gets shorter. And very soon, I'll be bumping up to a bigger bell. Being patient is also difficult for many of us. I am putting my trust into this Protocol. Without experimenting on myself first, I wouldn't ask someone else to attempt it. So far, so good.

Today, I changed it up just a bit by performing...

1-Arm Press

Half Snatch

1-Arm Long Cycle (Jerk)

Same as yesterday, all with a 12kg bell, 2 minutes each movement, then repeated a second time through.

Since I am working lighter than I am used to, this is my third day of training in a row, including the day of the cert. I am going to attempt to work through the rest of the week, giving myself next weekend to rest. As I move along I will continue to increase the intensity of the workouts until I get to the point where I move myself up to the 16kg bell. And so on, and so on, ....

That's it for today. Swing 'em high y'all!

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Franklin B. Herman said...

Thanks for reminding me what Memorial Day is all about .. your post was very thoughtful and was greatly appreciated.

I really envy you following through with the Fitness protocol. With my RKC Cert coming up in a few weeks, I am going to be focusing exclusively on RKC hard-style.

I am definitely sure you will achieve great results with it ..n ice work!!