Saturday, May 3, 2008

Double 24's

Enjoy The Pain!!

My Dragon Door 24kg bell arrived on Thursday and it's been killing me that today was the earliest I was able to play with it. I was busy all morning and already a bit worn out, but I couldn't let another day go by without playing with the bells.

I had intended to workout yesterday morning, but somehow my alarm clock didn't go off at 5am and I slept through my normal workout time. My hands are still healing from last week, so maybe they messed with the clock in the night. I have been told that my hands sometimes have a mind of their own. ;)

So anyway, first observation, the handle on the DD bell is a bit thicker than the one on the Perform Better bell. Other than that, their shape of similar. The PB bell sits higher on the floor since it has that rubber bottom on it. I'm thinking that I'll keep the PB bell and just remove the rubber bottom. I don't expect that I'll be doing any double 24kg snatches in the near future, so the handle thickness shouldn't be too much of a distraction. So at least now I have TWO 24kg bells to play with and that I did...

Double Clean: 2x24kg - 10
Clean & Press: 24kg - 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4
Double Swing: 2x24kg - 10

Double Clean: 2x24kg - 10
Clean & Press: 24kg - 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4
Double Swing: 2x24kg - 10

Overhead Walk: 24kg - L/R

The Double Cleans felt great. The Presses are coming along nicely. I've had slight rotator cuff discomfort in the right shoulder for a little while. Not sure what's causing it. But nothing too bad. The Overhead Holds seem to help get everything aligned nicely.

The Double Swings were tough. I really had to focus on driving my heals into the ground to stay rooted in these. But otherwise good!! I need some rest right now. Hopefully another workout early tomorrow.


Katie, KettlebellKate said...

Howie-aha! I see that you received the box and are breaking in the 24kg. Good work onthe dbl cleans!

Aaron Friday said...

Yeah, knock that little rubber thingy off the bell. With a flat base, you can use your pair for things like renegade rows and easy cakes.

Take One Stripper Pole said...

So ... have you seen Rif's blog yet? I am scared! :)

Franklin B. Herman said...

Doubles are the bomb! Especially swinging those buggers in a sumo like stance. That will really work your butt off .. figuratively and literally!

I've got each of a PB and Muscledriver 24kg bell. I left the rubber goober on the PB bell bottom , it hasn't caused my any concern yet but I haven't messed with renegade rows as Aaron suggested.

When I'm doing doubles with them I will switch hands with the bells after every set of so to balance out my grip (the Muscledriver bell has a thicker and slicker handle).

Howie Brewer said...

Yessum, breaking in the new kb! Felt the effects of the double kbs throughout the rest of the day yesterday and this morning feel pretty good!! Me like!

Aaron, I will knock the rubber thingy off all my bells and eat them like candy!! Time to play with renegade rows.

Although I have not been able to find the description of "easy cakes" anywhere. Not in ETK nor RKC. Is this a top secret form of training? Maybe there needs to be an Easy Cakes race??

TOSP, I'm off to read Rif's post now.

Franklin, yes, nice wide sumo stance. Felt good. I now realize that the handle on my 32kg PB bell is just a little bit thicker than the handle on the 24kg DD bell. Maybe as I get used to the DD, I'll keep the 32kg rather than replace it with a DD. I guess I'll instead need to get a matching bell from DD!!

Taikei Matsushita said...

Howie, keep yourself away a few feet from alarm clock.
Arms can't be that long.