Sunday, May 25, 2008

Let the Pigeons Loose!

Or, let the Protocol Begin!

Started working today with the new AKC Fitness Protocol. Using a 12kg pro-grade bell worked through:

1-Arm Jerk


1-Arm Long Cycle (Jerk)

Each was done for time. 2 minutes each exercise. Repeated circuit twice.

I am still working on getting the form for these movements down as we learned yesterday, but was still able to keep things going at an optimal pace. I have a long way to go through the Protocol using just the 12kg, but even still practicing technique on a heavier bell would be nice.

Maybe someone out there would be willing to lend me a bell?????


Aaron Friday said...

Why can't you do the stuff with a heavier bell that you already own?

Howie Brewer said...

I can and most probably will for the time being. A lot of the techniques that we learned are based upon using the dimensions of the bell to your advantage, whether it be the thickness of the handle or the size and shape of the opening of the handle. It allows you to rest in the clean and overhead position, which then allows you to continue on for longer sets. Therefore when all bells are sized the same regardless of weight it gives you some continuity in your training, so you're not constantly readjusting as you change sizes. I guess there's advantages and disadvantages to each. At the same time, one can never have too many bells!

Franklin B. Herman said...

Good show with the Fitness protocol! I will be following your progress closely.

One of the areas of the Fitness Cert where they might consider changing was that they had very few heavier bells to really get a feel for the difference in technique with a bell more suited with the strength level of some of the participants.

It turns out that the official AKC/WKC bells have very large diameters with thinner handles to accomodate both the unique "okay" and "rack" grip.

On the other hand, there is a lot to be said about GTG-ing with a lighter bell to get the new technique down as it is radically different from RKC hard-style.

Rich said...

There is no "style" in kettlebell lifting.