Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Jerk Store Called...

"And said they were running low on YOU!" - classic Seinfeld

Played around this morning with some more Jerks and then sprinkled in a few other odds and ends.

Jerks: 20kg - 5/5 for only first part of movement; 5/5 full movement

1-Arm Long Cycle Clean & Jerk: 20kg @ 3 minutes - 5/5, 5/5, 5 = 25 reps in 3 minutes

Double Overhead Shrugs: 2x12kg - 10

Windmill: 20kg - 3/3

Double Overhead Shrugs: 2x12kg - 10

Ab Wheel - 10 reps from knees

Pistols: 16kg - 3/3

I was getting winded toward the end of my 3 minutes of Jerking. I am still trying to get comfortable with the movement. And there could have been a rep or two in there were I forgot to clean the bell first - I was very focused on the top half of the movement.

Threw in one set of ab wheels - it's been a long time since I've rolled, didn't want to be in ab-shredding pain tomorrow. And Pistols, my old friend, I do these more to demo for people nowadays than I do as part of my workout.

That's it for today. Swing 'em... ahhh, I didn't swing at all today... Jerk 'em high y'all!!


Aaron Friday said...

Don't jerk too much, Howie. You'll go blind.

Franklin B. Herman said...

Glad to see you moved up to the 20kg. I think you will find the Brett Jones hard-style jerk quite a bit easier than the one taught by Cotter.

Not familiar with OH shrugs and thanks for reminding to get some sessions back in with my power wheel.

Howie Brewer said...

Aaron, better to stick with the snatch? Is that your recommendation??

Franklin, that one set of ab wheels yesterday, after such a long layoff, is killing me!!

Aaron Friday said...
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Aaron Friday said...

Deleted my last post. I meant to say, yes, Howie, Indeed.