Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Good & Bad

The Good - Using Takei's suggestion of starting off with a 24kg bell before moving to the 32kg, I was able to perform one Getup on each side with the 32kg this morning!

The Bad - Wanting to work some Clean & Press ladders I found that my forearms were in some pain after yesterday's voluminous Swings with the 32kg.

So wanting to use my time constructively, but still give the forearms some rest this is what today's (short) session looked like...

Getups: 24kg - 5/5; 32kg - 1/1

Clean & Press: 24kg - 1/1

Squat: 2x24kg - 5, 5, 5

Performed straight squats at the end with two 24kgs, limiting the cleans today to be nice to the forearms. And that was it! Let's see how I'm feeling tomorrow.


Aaron Friday said...

That getup is a PR? Very, very nice.

Franklin B. Herman said...

Great job with the 32kg TGUs and the double 24kg front squats. Your recent across the board progress has been very inspiring!

Howie Brewer said...

You know what Aaron, that was a PR!! Yaaa hoooo!!

I realized that I needed to treat the 32gk Getup similar to a Press. Crush the handle of the bell and make a fist in the opposite hand. Worked like a charm!

Thank you Franklin. But this morning, I needed some extra sleep. Don't want to burn out now.

Franklin B. Herman said...

Great tip about making a fist with the opposite hand during a TGU .. I will try that .. nice!