Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Climbing the Taiji Hill

Still trying to refresh my memory of the gross movements within the Yang 24 Form. I'm about 90% there now. Once I get this down, then my focus will shift more toward the finer articulations, the shifts in weight between movements and breathing.

I had lunch with a friend from college yesterday. It was the first time we'd seen one another in probably over 15 years. Man, how time flies!! He also has studies various martial arts and up until recently has been a 'closed door' student to a wing chun instructor. I shared with him my adventures with kettlebells and he's interested in learning. We will be planning around each of our busy schedules some time to share our 'treasures' with each other. This should be pretty cool.

In the meantime, I will continue with the bells and with taiji form(s). Three days to AKC!


Franklin B. Herman said...

As I get more and more into the Qigong Animal Frolics my interest in Taijichuan has also perked. About 8 years ago, I started Yang form lessons but had to stop due to work and family issues. Looking forward to discussing more about this in person this weekend at the AKC Fitness Cert.

Aaron Friday said...

Howie, my advice is this: Breathe naturally. Beyond that, breathing has nothing to do with taiji. You can hit just as hard breathing in as you can breathing out. It just depends on the angle and the moment.

Just relax, and your breath will do what it needs to do. The last thing you want to fuck with is your breath. Let it be, absolutely. RELAX.